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Clive Edwards
Psalm 121

The Law has got your back.
The help we seek is only a thought away.
Using the Law to live consistently in a state of highest consciousness.
Am I being true to that which I am?
If you know who you are and what your purpose is, you know when you are not being true to who...

Clive Edwards
The Surrender

• There is consistent potential for the “stuff in our lives” to get in the way of our vision and dreams
• We have to be faithful to the unification step in our treatment – We are one with God. God is all – as we think and speak in our everyday life. Every statement or negative thought...

Clive Edwards
Building A Spiritual Consciousness
Clive Edwards
Faith is a Doing Word
Clive Edwards
Be a Flip Flop!
Clive Edwards
Love in Action
Clive Edwards