What's on your mind?

The Discovery session on Sunday, March 27 was interesting – as usual. It certainly was , As Rev John described it, “Another session of applied learning. A shared exploration of this wonderful teaching (Science of Mind) .
The topic was a question: “What’s on your mind?” and most of the participants had stuff on their minds. Here are some of the topics:
• Have I grown spiritually? Yes, I’m now focusing more on God.
• I’ve been thinking about synchronicity and God.
• I’m realizing the happiness of Jamaicans. We have the ability to laugh --[to tek kin teet an kibba heart bun.]
• I need more diligence in my life. I’m battling a feeling of unworthiness.
• I followed my intuition [This person listened to a voice inside his head and left his bed to take his camera from the car at 5:30 a.m. Half hour later, the car was broken into by a thief.]
• Our “work” in life does not have to be drudgery. It can be happy work.
In closing, Rev John advised one participant to “get off your but(t). She was always saying “Yes…but…”
Indeed, an interesting session.