Want to learn about spirit and money?

Talk about the right course at the right time!
I mean the Science of Mind 205 course now running on Mondays from 7 p.m. at our church.
You’ve heard about the situation people are calling the WORLD ECONOMIC CRISIS, right? Who hasn’t? In fact, you might even be feeling highly stressed out because of it. If so, the class is for you.
Led by Revs Sonia and Ann, the course is based on Eric Butterworth’s super insightful book Spiritual Economics. It was a best seller.
I was there on the first night -- with about two dozen other folks. There was hardly enough room in front of the platform. One supple young man, Tony, had to sit – not, chose to sit cross legged —on the floor.
We had a wonderful time – with lots of laughter as well as practical informative about how to tackle financial problems. Everyone is looking forward to future classes.
The outline states they’ll examine topics like “The grateful heart,” “Work and Success,” “How to reverse financial adversity,” “Security in a changing world,” and “The wonder of giving.”
Check it out next Monday, nuh?

Rev. Mike