Dear Temple of Light Family & friends,
Happy Anniversary
Every Sunday when we say the Prayer of Our Centre together, we are actually articulating a powerful Mission by stating our intention “To touch, to heal, to bless, to prosper and to liberate anyone who comes into contact with us” -in short to transform lives.
As we celebrate the 36th Anniversary of our beloved Temple of Light Centre for Spiritual Living, we are deeply grateful for the consciousness of our founding Minister Dr. Elma Lumsden and the small band of pioneers who founded this church . and built a ministry which over the years which has truly touched and transformed many lives. We are grateful too to the ministers, practitioners, and church staff as well as the many volunteers who give themselves so lovingly in service to our community. Thanks to them, we have a thriving church and are entering our new year in a healthy financial position.
I believe that in order to build on this foundation and to continue this positive trend we need to move from the early pastor/flock model of ministry to a mission-centred model which involves everyone in the ministry of our church. The process of being mission-centered is one where each one of us embodies the fulfilled state we are seeking to bring forth. Simply put, we have to Be our mission.
We are calling this forward thrust our “Thriving Ministry Initiative.” Your involvement is critical to its success and so you are invited to a Gathering here at the Temple of Light on Saturday July 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Together we will create a mission tipping point that will translate into a community-wide witness of making a difference; of being part of something bigger than ourselves; something that truly transforms our own lives and the lives of those we encounter.
Each of you in your own way, has touched, blessed, healed, prospered and liberated me to serve as you spiritual leader. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.
With Love & blessings,