Prayer Request

Countless people have experienced positive changes in their lives thanks to the power of affirmative prayer, which we call Spiritual Mind Treatment You are invited to open your life to this healing and prospering action through our online prayer request form.

When you submit your prayer request, our trained practitioners will know the Truth for you and acknowledge God's Presence and Power in all areas of your life. Requests may be submitted as often as needed or desired. All requests are treated as confidential.

A prayer request form is provided below for your convenience. Simply state your request for yourself and/or others. If you include your mailing address, we will also send you a wallet-sized card with an affirmative prayer.

St. Paul said “…be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (Romans 12:2). Spiritual Mind Treatment uses the Power of the One Universal Mind to achieve this transformation. Send us your request and expect a healing now.