Living love

“Living Love” was the title of the Discovery discussion after Sunday Service on February 13. Led by Pastor John Scott, the session was a lively as usual, perhaps because love was in the air. The next day was, of course, Valentine’s Day.
Rev. John said that people get socialized into “conditional love,” and too often love others if they do what we want and think as we think. One was to cure an addiction to conditional loving, he said was to upgrade the addiction to a preference. For example, we might change “You must do X,” to “I’d prefer if you would do X.”
One participant who said she had not been exposed to love when growing up expressed gratitude that she was learning to love as a result of being at the Temple of Light, and had discovered that loving others started with loving oneself.
Another member of the audience opined that just as there was “only God,” so there was “only love.” Love, she said, existed as a continuum, with more or less love being found on different parts of the continuum. This was an eye opener to many.