How do you manage change?

"Managing change" was the theme of the Discovery discussion led by Rev John Scott on Sunday last. The session proved to be as enlightening as the ones before it. There was, of course, general agreement that change is inevitable, but questions did arise. Is change linear and incremental, or is there instantaneous change? Is change welcomed, or is it resisted? What is the agent of change -- the invidiaual or "the Father within?" These were only some of the questions.
Opinions were wide-raiging and interesting. Here are some.
* Change is continual and even when you change once, you have to change again.
* Radical change is not always good for the health (remember what happened to Saul on the road to Damascus?); and slow change should be welcomed.
* We move forward in an ascending spiral, and even when we circle back, we don't return to the exact place as before.
* Like water becoming steam, personal change takes time to reach a certain point, then comes change "in the twingkling of an eye."
* To move from one posiion to another, you often have to be like the trapeze artist and, letting go of one position, be suspended in the air for a while before being able to take hold of another.
* The first steps in managing change are: knowing where you want to go, and setting your intention to start moving.
* Really, you can only manage the NOW; you can't directly manage the future.
* When all is said and done, "Let the moment determine how you should be in it. With love as your only motive, it must be for the good of all."
That about sums up the discussion. We look forward to the next Discovery session.
. Rev Michael