Discovery session -- Sunday Sept 26, 2010.

Topic: “Faith, hope and love – these three.”

The teens were not present when the adults gathered for Sunday’s Discovery discussion. Still, their presence was felt, as Rev John, the facilitator of the session, not only reported their words on the topic but displayed their clever, brightly coloured drawings illustrating their thoughts and feelings on Faith, Hope and Love. Flowers and the sun were among the objects portrayed.

The adults, who discussed the topic in four small groups, had varied ideas about it, all interesting. Here are some:
• Faith causes abundance to happen.
• Faith is feeling that the thing you want has already happened..
• Hope is positive expectation.
• Hope is essential for living.
• Love is by definition unconditional.
• Love causes plants to grow.
• Love always is, even though we are not always feeling it or experiencing it in our lives.
According to Rev John, the teens thought faith, hope and love were like ingredients in a cake.
Ummmh! Sounds delicious.
--Rev. Michael