Discovery on Buju

Not surprisingly, the Discovery topic for Sunday, Feb. 27, “Your take on Buju,” generated a lot of views. Solicited by the facilitator Rev John Scott, they ranged from expressions about the dancehall artist’s appearance to comments on his spirituality. Here are some:
• I couldn’t see him before, with all that hair on his face. Now that he’s cleaned up, he’s got personality.
• This earth plane is a school and we are here to learn. Buju will learn. He’s an evolved soul and his consciousness must express.
• Buju must learn the power of the spoken word.
• The lesson is not just for Buju. It’s for us, too. We must let our light shine and continue to give Buju unconditional love.
• If he goes to prison, maybe he’ll grow spiritually and become as great as Bob Marley.
• After a question as to whether we tend to treat celebrities in a special way, the participants were reminded that the Law is no respecter of persons.
• Unfortunately, many young artists are not prepared for fame and wealth. We adults should not blame them for falling into temptation and misbehaving. It’s up to us to guide them.
• Singers often say that their songs are just reflecting events and attitudes in society. But they should remember that art does not just reflect; it magnifies, too.