Discovery 24 October -Spirit's highest idea for our lives

There were many interesting answers to the four questions posed by Rev John in the Visioning exercise that constituted the Discovery session on October 24. The questions were: “What is Spirit’s highest idea for my life right now? What do I need to be or become to manifest that idea? What do I need to release today in ordr to actualize Spirit’s vision for me? What else do I need to know or do for Spirit’s highest idea of me to shine through?”
Answers to question 1 included: Feed my children and Service.
Answers to question 2 included: Trust more in God, and Be more transparent. One participant had an image of a fisherman about to set off to sea in his boat.
Answers to question 3 included: Doubt, The need to control the timing of things unfolding in my life, Commit more, and Stop hiding my light from the world.
Answers to question 4 included: I can, so get on with it. Trust in God’s Presence more, I can’t take responsibility for the injustices around me, Increased awareness of God’s Reality and There is a flow to life; it is not static.
The idea of the unity of everything was mentioned by several participants and in fact could be said to have been the underlying theme of the session.