A beautiful prayer by Rev. Charles Geddes - In Honor of Inter-Faith Gathering as “One World Family”

A Prayer
Beloved Presence ….
Eternal Spirit, Creator of all,
I hold a sacred call …
the Call to Love.
I am a part of One World Family.
Let your Light shine through me today,
revealing the path and the way,
that I might listen to others,
building bridges, not walls.
Let my words be as healing balm,
with compassion, and care for everyone.
One World Family,
the same stardust brought us into being.
May I embrace the divinity we all share,
and know the power of forgiveness for myself,
and for all humanity.
Let the inner work I do create a sense of Peace,
Whereby I make heart prints upon all I touch.
Let me rise to tell a simple story …
I am here for one great cause ….
The call to Love – One World Family.
In Honor of Inter-Faith Gathering as “One World Family”
Bridges of Wellness – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Charles D. Geddes