Are Jamaicans indisciplined?

Are Jamaicans indisciplined?
That’s the question posed at the Discovery Session after Sunday Service on 10, 10. 10 (a special day, numerologically speaking). Out of the discussion, which was led by Temple of Light co-pastor Rev John, came a variety of observations.
There was the straightforward: “Our leading athletes and musicians are very disciplined. That’s why they are on top.”
The explanatory: ”The race consciousness influences our behaviour.”
The profound: “Discipline springs from being passionate about something.”
The scientific: “There is an innate need to survive, and an innate need to conform. When the need to survive is more crucial than the need to conform, there may be behaviour which appears indisciplined.”
The oxymoronic: “Jamaicans are disciplined rebels.”
The prescriptive: “We need to be less critical and more tolerant of one another.”
And the mind-boggling: “I grew up with my ‘grandmother,” who gave a specified number of lashes according to the various offences. Punishment was on Thursdays. She had one lash she used during the week, another she used on the Sabbath.”
The question was never directly answered. Probably because it has no answer.