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Live with passion

Live with passion

How long has it been since life stirred your heart? That’s too long.
If you’re not feeling intensely, you’re not living fully. Let passion carry you away, for passion will carry you to amazing places.
Substance matters, quality matters, excellence, awe and magnificence matter. Life is about so much more than just checking the boxes.
Bring to each moment the whole of your multifaceted self. Feel the confidence of all you are and all you know, the mystery of all that is beyond, unknown, unknowable.

When Things Look The Worst …. by Rev. John Scott

Ernest Holmes, who gave the world the teaching known as Science of Mind, in his textbook of the same name, tells us what to do when things in our world look the worst:

I Am A Part Of All Rev. John Scott

Each of us is an intrinsic part of the intricate Web of Life. We are all connected to all lifekind everywhere. Whatever affects one part of the web affects all other parts, sometimes in ways that are not immediately obvious. For example, did my pausing to acknowledge a little child begging at the traffic lights here in Kingston, stay the hand of an abused child somewhere across the world, who was about to slash his/her wrist? I will never know.

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