Sunday Talk-Thoughts On Freedom

Miss Sonia Brown-"With freedom comes responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, words and actions."...

Our Featured Speaker

Take a listen to Rev John Scott as our featured speaker. "The greatest power in the universe is the power to be"...

Retreat To Good Hope

As our annual retreat grows near we look back at 2009 and our retreat in pictures

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Sandra Cooper The Deeper You Go The Higher You Fly
Sandra Cooper
Rev John Scott Resist Not Evil
Rev John Scott
Rev Sonia Davidson Thine is The Kingdom
Rev Sonia Davidson
Rev John Scott Our Resurrection Connection
Rev John Scott

Welcome To the Temple Of Light

Founder of Religious Science Dr. Ernest Holmes’Rev Elma Lumsden recorded these prophetic words in his book “Creative Mind and Success” (1909): “I am convinced more than ever that the Science of Mind as expounded in our text book under that name, based upon the teachings of Jesus and coordinated with the philosophy of other great thinkers of the ages, is destined to become the new religion of the new day.” This time in our history is the “new day

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Poetry, Prose and Rhythms at...

The usually tranquil Meditation Garden at the Temple of Light Centre for Spiritual Living, 4-6 Fairway Avenue, Kingston10, will become a lot less...

A beautiful prayer by Rev....

A Prayer
Beloved Presence ….
Eternal Spirit, Creator of all,
I hold a sacred call …
the Call to Love.
I am a part of...

On this International Women...

On this International Women's Day, Temple of Light Centre for Spiritual Living salutes the women of the world as we praise and bless the Sacred...

Christmas Letter 2017 from...

Dear Family and friends,
This Christmas message comes to you with warm wishes for all the good that God has prepared for you and yours....

Thought Of Today

I am joyously thankful for Peace in the hearts and minds of all Jamaicans.

Charmalyne Shaw

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